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Like strip poker without the cards, This or That! brings adult entertainment to television in a way everyone will love! Polyester-clad host Fred Kahl calls out Now That’s Entertainment to encourage and congratulate contestants for taking off their clothes, getting into a giant balloon or naming that smell. Bootylicious co-host Julie Atlas Muz calls the shots as contestants vie for cash, prizes, or the chance to be spanked. The fun and humiliation climax when the "winning" contestant chooses one of two curtains: "This" or "That", out of which emerges either a classic burlesque hottie or an act that stinks so bad it’s brilliant.

A variety of hot and hilarious acts fill the bill: the curvaceous This or That Girls, the well endowed Wonderful Woman, a borsht belt Ukulele player and a mad Russian sorceress. Contestants act out their fantasies without actually having to run away from home to join the burlesque show. Home viewers and the live studio audience cheer on contestants as they meet the show's challenges answering trivia questions, stuffing marshmallows in their mouth, and guessing the weight of Wonderful Woman's rack. Now That's Entertainment!

"Don't Miss This or That!" -Time Out New York

"It exists in a place between mainstream prime time and pornography."..."This or That is a must-see on girls' night out." -Wired

"Finally, someone’s taken all the best moments from our most bizarre burlesque fantasies and made them into… a game show!" -Fleshbot.com

"More bawdy fun than "Wheel of Fortune" -Back Stage

"This or That! is the most good natured sex fun you can have with your clothes on!!" -Paper Magazine

"If you ever watched an episode of public access fave This or That! and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could see this show in-person,” then you’re a pervert and require a long, cold shower." -Gawker.com

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